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Election Inspector

Election Inspector

What's on this Page:


  • Registered voter residing in the City of New York

  • Enrolled in the Democratic or Republican party

  • Able to read and write English


  • Prepare the poll site for voters

  • Assist voters during the voting process

  • Close the poll site

  • Canvass and report election results

  • Assist other poll workers as needed


  • A permanent U.S. resident over 18 years of age and a resident of New York City

  • Fluent in English and the interpreter’s language

  • Spanish interpreters needed in all boroughs

  • Chinese interpreters needed in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens

  • Korean, Hindi* and Bengali interpreters needed in Queens

  • Does not have to be a registered voter

* For Hindi Interpreters: Please note on your application if you can also speak Punjabi.


  • Earn $250 per day

  • Earn $100 for training*


* Note: You will only be paid for Training if you pass.

You can earn up to $600 for completing the training course, passing the exam and working two Election Days.


If you have any questions, call 866-VOTE-NYC (866-868-3692).